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Advocates for Event Education with Police Instruction

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Advocates for Event Education with Police Instruction has two chief aims. The first is to educate students on tenant’s rights, residential laws in Waltham and Massachusetts, the civil liberties pertaining to the aforementioned topics, and Brandeis University’s Rights and Responsibilities. To do this, a library would be amassed to educate students. The second goal is to improve relations with the Waltham police through further communication and cooperation. Students who are arrested, placed in protective custody, or causing disturbances negatively impact Brandeis’ reputation and community relations. There is no way to prevent an off-campus social life, but much can be done ensure safe, legal fun without causing disturbances. Furthermore, it is imperative that students learn how to properly handle themselves with the police and know their rights so as not to be taken advantage of or give off the wrong message. The club will teach students how to prevent police interference and how to act when dealing with the police. It is vital for students to know their rights, to handle themselves with the police, and to enjoy a safe, social life off campus without disturbing the public. This knowledge is something that students can take with them for the rest of their lives.

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