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Chinese Students & Scholars Association (CSSA)

Chinese Students and Scholar Association

This list serves as a way to connect Chinese in Brandeis community and around together. Members can send to this list announcement, request, question and anything else that is appropriate. Please read the FAQ section on CSSA web page before you ask a question.


Bad comment about others and exposing others' privacy are prohibited. Violator's message will be rejected and the subscription will be blocked for a while. Too many unimportant replies about the same topic which is not a major concern of the majority may also be rejected.

In order to send a message to the list: If you are a subscribed member, simply email to cssa@lists.brandeis.edu If you are NOT a subscribed member, you can send your content to one of our fellow member's email address, for example, those ending in "brandeis.edu", and request that member to forward your content to our list, because you don't have the privilege to post. You can find a bunch of fellow members' email addresses from their posts on the list. If you want to subscribe, please click on "Subscribe" on the left of this web page. Your "...@brandeis.edu" email address is preferred for subscription purpose, because it will be processed much faster than other types of email address, for your benefit.

Again, welcome to the Brandeis Chinese community.

Brandeis CSSA
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