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Undeclared Psychology Students

List information

Join this list if you are interested in becoming a psych major but have not declared,
or if you are not majoring in the department but would still like to hear about
activities and other information.

List circulates:

Updates on UDR and affiliated events.
Interesting psych classes.
News concerning faculty, staff, psych students, and professors
Opportunities for research work, jobs, volunteer positions, or internships in the field of psychology or human relations.
Tutoring for psychology classes.
Sharing ideas, topics, and community activities.

List also acts as contact to the UDRs: questions, comments, concerns about the major, professors, classes, or the psychology department

Please note: Declaring a psychology major will automatically put you on the undergraduate psychology major email listserve, which
means that you will receive all the above information twice.
Once you declare a psychology major you may choose to unsubscribe from this list.

Having trouble signing to the list?
Contact Mary marysch@brandeis.edu

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