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Students For A Democratic Society

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we used to have a really long and boring list description here.
it talked about things like "sociopolitical analysis" and
"challenging dominant paradigms" and "non-sectarian understanding
of universal liberation." but we're not boring, so why should our
description be? the term "radical" has a bad rap in these reactionary
times we live in. it can freak people out. really all a radical is,
is someone who tries to understand and change the roots of problems.
we are interested in REAL progressive social change - systemic;
institutional. not the kind of "change" that only requires checking
off an electoral ballot once every four years. "radical" has another
definition, too. it means "totally awesome." politics isnt some
boring teach in, its taking control over our own lives, and acting in
solidarity with other people doing the same. it should be fun. if
its not fun, its really not worth doing, is it? so at RSA we do have
discussion groups and lectures and teach ins, and all that kinda stuff.
but we also have kickball games, skill shares, hip hop, folk, and punk
shows, dance parties, potlucks, poetry slams, civil disobedience / medic
trainings, protests & demonstrations, books not bombs tables, snowball
fights, and brownie eating contests. every other week we host something
called Subversive Pillowcase Theater, where we get together and watch
subversive films and cuddle. cuddling is radical.

"you dont know you're wearing a leash if you sit by the peg all day" - parenti
"if i cant dance, i dont want your revolution" - emma goldman

we love everyone. so come hang out with us. feel free to add yourself
to this open listserv. During the Fall 2004 semester, we're meeting
on thursday nights at 9:30pm in the Castle Commons.

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