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Used Furniture and Supplies Listserve, managed by Campus Sustainability Initiative

This listserv notifies subscribers of reuse of furniture and equipment that is available at low or no cost, allowing Brandies to reuse quality items and reduce waste. If you want to post surplus furniture for reuse simply a message to usedfurn@lists.brandeis.edu in the format listed below and attach pictures no larger than 25 MB. If the e-mail looks good it will be approved by list moderators- if not it will be rejected until it meets specifications. You must be subscribed to the list to post the items. E-mail sustainability@brandeis.edu if you are having any problems. E-mail must be in the following format: Department Name and Location: Item Name: Item Description and Number of Items: Contact Name, Email, Phone Number: Date to be moved by: Attach photographs no larger than 25 MB or post link to photos. Gmail's insert photo feature does not seem to work for all. To post non furniture items use http://brandeis.fulldorm.com/ Due to the large number of subscribers, we do not maintain a wait list for specific items.
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