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residents of village A2

AAAS Affiliated Faculty

Information from the AAAS

IBS's Asian Business Association

Student Union Allocations Board

Brandeis Residents above Cappy's Pizza

Asian Baptist Student Koinonia

Academic administrators

Academic Advisors for Firstyears Transfers, Midyears2010-11

First-Year Academic Advisors for the 09-10 school year.

Campus Accessibility Working Group


Accounts Payable

Academic Services

IRG 2 Group Meetings

Active Minds at Brandeis

Active Minds at Brandeis University

Student Events

APA Parent Education Program - Train the Trainers Outreach

Adagio Dance Company

Spring Show Choreographers

Adagio Dance Company

Adam Smith Society

Adam Smith Society Brandeis Chapter


Advocates for Event Education with Police Instruction

Afghan Alumni & Current Graduate Students at IBS

List of all Afghan Students at Brandeis

African Dance Club


Aging Training Grant Trainees

Psychology Department Aging Training Group

American history students studying for generals

AIESEC Brandeis Local Committee Mailing List

Airgas product users of EM Lab

AIS Group PeS Jobs

All MBA Heller

All Heller MBA students except MD.MBA

All Heller part-time MBA students

All Heller Students in Residence

All Brandeis Activists


Ally List

All Social Sciences Faculty

Alma implementation project communications

The production staff of Almost, Maine

Brandeis ALPFA Undergraduate Listserv


For e-board members of ALPFA 2008-2009

For e-board members of ALPFA 2009-2010

ALPFA Brandeis

News from Hiatt for Brandeis Alumni in Law School

News for Pre-law Brandeis Alumni from Hiatt


Brandeis University Golf Alumni

amnesty international

AMST Announcement

American Studies

American Studies

Prodstaff for Brandeis Players' "Angels in America"

defenses and hearings announcement

Anthropology Graduate Students

Anthropology majors and minors

Brandeis Anti-War Coalition

Hillel Theater Group's Anything Goes Cast listserv

Sharing a apartment

Brandeis-Al-Quds Turkey Institute 2008

Aquatics listserv

Activist Resource Center

Brandeis Archery Club

Brandeis Architecture Club

Archon Yearbook Staff

Areopagitica Reading Society

Art Attack! Mailing list for Student Art and Guerilla Art and Activism on campus!

art historians

"Art" Production Staff

A&S staff

Administration Structure Advisory Committee

arts and sciences senior academic administrators

arts and sciences academic administrators ALL

ASCEND Brandeis Student Chapter

arts and sciences department chairs

Arts and Sciences faculty

American Student Investment Study Connection Club

arts and sciences program chairs

Alpine Snow Sports Club

ENG faculty

2013 Club Liaison

Astronomy Club


Aviation Club listserv

AYALA SEAC Modern Dance

AYALA SEAC Traditional Dance

Ayala Volunteer listserve

Village B3 Residents

Brandeisians Against Animal Cruelty

Brandeis Asian American Students Association members

First Years

Brandeis Asian American Task Force

Brandeis Anime and Cosplay Association

Boston Area Consortium on Latin American Studies

Benefits Administration Implementation

Bad Grammer

badminton club

Brandeis Anthropology Graduate Students


Ballet Club

Ballroom Dance Club

'The Last Night of Ballyhoo' Production Staff

IBS BA/MA 2015

IBS BA/MA 2016

IBS BA/MA 2017

Brandeis Association of Rising Dramatists

Bassine Building Announcements

Tympanium Euphorium's Fall Musical

Brandeis Argentine Tango Society

Listserv for the Brandeis Buddies coordinators

Brandeis Bemani Revolution

Brandeis Black Student Organizantion

Brandeis Chinese Cultural Connection

Brandeis Coalition of Asians and Asian American & Pacific-Islanders (BCAAAP)

Boston Cultural Arts Club

Biochemistry and Biophysics Graduate Students

Brandeis Comic Book Club

Business Consulting Club (BCC)

Cru Brandeis Christian Fellowship

Biochemistry Department Faculty

Biochemistry postdocs


Brandeis Consulting and Marketing Group

For Ballroom Club updates, please join the list ballroom@lists.brandeis.edu !!

Bdd list committee

Brandeis Ballroom Dance Team

Brandeis Education and Action Research Collaborative

Brandeis Equestrian Club

Brandeis Equestrian Club Alumni

Brandeis Brewing Society

Belly Dance Ensemble

Benefits Department

403(b) Universal Availability Notice

403(b) Universal Availability Notice

403(b) Retirement Planning Event

403(b) Universal Availability Notice

403(b) Universal Availability Notice

Benefits Department

Benefits Department

Benefits Department

Benefits Department

Benefits Department


Brandeis encourages Women in Science and Engineering

Brandeis Football Club List

Mailing list for the BFC soccer team

Soccer Team 2009

Brandeis Graduate Christian Fellowship


Bad Grammer Friends

Brandeis Hip Hop Dance Club

Brandeis Haiti Initiative

Brandeis Humanists

Brandeis Immigration Education Initiative

Brandeis Interfaith Group

Waltham Group Program

Ethics Center mailing list

Brandeis International Journal

BIJ E-Board

Brandeis University Cycling Club

Brandeis Biking Community

Biology Interested

Undergraduate biology majors

Biology staff

Cells & Organisms Section 7 & 8

OLD LIST for Biochem Grads don't use

Biochemistry Interested Undergrads

Undergraduate biochem majors

Biochem staff

Biology Dept Faculty

Biological Physics majors

Biophysics grads NO LONGER IN USE

Brandeis Biotechnology Club

MS Biotechnology grad students

Biotechnology Masters Program 2013

webmaster of www.bio.brandeis.edu account

Brandeis University's Pro-Israel Lobby

Pepperberg Bird Lab

BITMAP (Brandeis Initiative for Technology, Machines, Applications, and Programming

Computer Science Club Board

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

brandeis juggling list



Official e-mail list of the Brandeis Libertarian-Conservative Union

New Building Number Requests

Porting Blender Games to Mobile Devices

Blithe Spirit Production

Blithe Spirit Actors

Brandeis Law Journal

Blog Administrators


Waltham Group Blood Drive

The Blowfish and Friends

BLSO Members List

Brandeis Mens Volleyball Club

BNC Student Ambassadors


2011-2012 book fund chairs

2012-2013 Chapter bulletin chairs

2012-2013 chapter financial secretaries

2011-2012 Chapter FR and special event chairs

2013-14 chapter and region leaders

2013-14 learning opportunities and study group chairs

2012-13 Chapter membership chairs

NJ members

university solicitation list of bnc members

2013-2014 treasurers

Bold Minds Foundation

BOLLI Caring Committee Announcements

International Friends volunteers

BOLLI List for Non-Brandeis Events

Brandeis Orthodox Organization

Boo Chesed Committee

Brandeis Orthodox Organization Alumni List

BOO Board 2010

This is a listserve for the discussion leaders of the 2009 freshman seminars.

New Student Forum

New Student Book Forum Fall 2011

Brandeis Official Readers' Guild

Publicity list for Boris' Kitchen

Boris' Kitchen Writing Team

List Serve

Boston-Area Philosophy Mailing List

Boston Chapter members with email addresses

BNC BrandeisParents

The Brandeis Bowling Club

Brandeis Boxing Club

Residence Hall Announcements

List for BP10

Bangladeshi Students of Brandeis Uni.

Brandeis LZ collaboration group

Brandeis Machine Learning group

The Brandeis Semester discussion

Board Members

Bollywood Fusion Dance

Brandeis DJs and Producers Club

Brandeis Education Reformers Club (Students For Education Reform) meetings

Brandeis eSports Organization

Brandeis Firecrackers


Brandeis GCC

To inform club members of upcoming meetings and other news

Brandeis Ombuds

Philosophy Club

Brandeis Photography Club

Brandeis Queer Resource Center

Brandeis SASE

Brandeis Student Music Committee

Brandeis Student Affiliate Chapter of the ACS



Brandeis Reform Chavurah - Hillel

Brandeis Buddies Volunteer Listserv

Brandeis Cafe Science

Listserv for students, faculty, and staff that support the conflict free campus initiative at Brandeis University.

Activism, Brandeis

Brandeis Men's Fencing

Brandeis Fencing Club

Brandeis Film Collective: Dream. Film. Inspire.

Brandeis Garden


Brandeis German Club

The Brandeis Hoot

Brandeis Incubator

Brandeis International Relations Council

building Jewish Kinship around Life And Learning

Brandeis Labor Coaltion

Brandeis Law Journal

Brandeis Libertarians

Brandeis Mens Lacrosse Team

For those interested in supporting the work of PARC: Prevention, Advocacy & Resource Center

Brandeis Parents

Brandeis Pro-Choice

Brandeis Queer Graduate Student Union

Brandeis Students for Education Reform

Brandeis Society for International Affairs

Brandeis Smile Train

Brandeis Social Justice Network

STAND: Mass Atrocity Prevention & Refugee Advocacy

Brandeis Stand-Up

Taekwondo Club mailing list

Brandeis Television

Brandeis YourStory International

ITE Lunch & Learn: Topics related to IT Entrepreneurship and Software Engineering

Brazilian Student Association

Brazilian Culture Club

Brandeis Running Club

Boston Research in Enzymology and Drug Discovery



Brandeis Russian Jewish Joint Initiative (continuing the legacy of Brandeis Genesis Institute for Russian Jewry)

Brandeis Reconstructionist Organization

broadcast email

The Broccoli Crusaders, aka Dan's Transfers

Brotherhood standards

Brandeis Student Consultancy (BSC)

Brandeis Society for Creative Fantasy

BSCF Live Action Roleplaying Gamers

Brandeis Tennis Club

The Brandeis Tea Party Chapter

Brandeis Traditional Music Club

list for all BTV members


Brandeis University Conservative Organization

BUCO Class of 2014

Updates on the Buddy System!

Budget and Planning

Budget Managers

Budget Managers

Brandeis University Interfaith Leadership Development

Archive of all-campus bulk email messages

development bulkmail list archives

2012-2013 Swim and Dive Parents

Business Program

Business students class of 2010

Business students class of 2011

Business students list class of 2012

Business students class of 2013

Business students class of 2014

Business students class of 2015

Business students class of 2016

Business minor students class of 2017

Business students class of 2018

Business students class of 2019

Business students class of 2020

Business students class of 2020

Business students class of 2020

Business students class of 2020

Business Faculty

Business Majors

Business Majors class of 2011

Business Majors class of 2012

Business Majors class of 2013

Business Majors class of 2014

Business Majors class of 2015

Business Majors class of 2016

Business Majors class of 2017

Business Majors class of 2018

Business Majors class of 2018

Business Majors class of 2018

Business Majors class of 2018

Business Majors class of 2018

Brandeis - Staff & Faculty

Brandeis Visions for Israel in an Evolving World

B'yachad Israeli Dance Troupe

Coalition Against Anti-Semitism in Europe

Residents of Cable 2 (North)

Super Smash Bros Brawl Interest Group

Colleges Against Cancer of Brandeis University

Community Living

Julius Caesar Prod Staff and Cast

Campus Cards

The Official List of the Brandeis Canoe Club

Brandeis Capoeira Club

Administrators of the Hagan group server capsid.brandeis.edu

Users of the Hagan group server capsid.brandeis.edu

Users of Cascade Server web content management system

This is the list serv for the Community Advisors in the Castle and Rosenthal Quads

Announcements, News, and Opportunities: The Interdisciplinary Minor in Creativity, The Arts, and Social Transformation (CAST)


Castle A and B Tower information

CAST UDRs use this list to send messages to program minors

Catalyst - The Brandeis Science Journal

Catalyst - The Brandeis Undergraduate Science Journal

Collections, Access and Technical Services

Caribbean ConneXion

Caribbean Cultural Club

C Change Administration

CCS faculty

This list serve is for the shapiro campus center team info booth workers only.

Discussion related to various aspects of large-scale, collaboratively-sponsored online courses

Alumni in Germany

Center for German and European Studies Newsletter

Monitors Boston-Area CGS Listserv Activity

Console Gamers X

Chak De Deis/ Brandeis Bhangra

Chalav U'Dvash Club Members

Listserve for the Challah for Hunger club at brandeis

Chaplaincy Innovation Lab - Public List

BNC chapter president 2008-09

Chapter presidents 2009-10

bnc chapter presidents for 2010-2011

2011-2012 chapter presidents

BNC chapter president

BNC chapter president


Danielle's residents of chuck 110!


CA Listserve

Charles River 150 Residents


Brandeis Admission Chatting Program

Brandeis Admission Chatting Program



Brandeis Cheerleading Team 2013-2014

Cheerleading Team

All Chemistry Lists

Emeritus Chemistry Faculty

Chemistry Faculty

Chem. Grad Students

Chemistry Interested

Chemistry Majors

Chem. Post-Docs

Chem. Dept. Staff

Chem 18a Section 4

Chem 18a Section 5

Chemistry Majors Senior Honors

Users of Chemoffice Ultra software at Brandeis

Chess Club Listserv

creating chess club listserv

For chit chat about chi town

An Update from Jamie in China

Service Group/Community Service/Cultural Affairs


Chinese Language Table

Christian leaders


A list used to contact those interested in Christmas Caroling

This is for the Charles River Quad Community Advisors

Charles River Quad 08-09


For all the dancers for the Chutney dance


Cigarette Group

cilia_squad e-mail list

Investment Office

2011-2012 chapter CIOs

Citi Training Distribution List

Campus Events

Campus Events

Planning group for the Oxfam Collegiate Click Drive


Rock Climbing

Climbing Team

Chinese Language Processing Group

PBA Bahraini Artists Visit

Club Cantonese Mailing List

Brandeis Club Field Hockey Team

Club Leaders

Clubs in Service helps connect clubs with community service opportunities in the Waltham area.

Want to take your club on a volunteer service trip?

Be a Member of the Clubs In Committee!

Student Union Senate Club Support Committee

Collegiate Masonic Society International

Brandeis Crew Coaches

Committee On Academic Standing

COEX class of 2014

New Coex10 students

COEX and SIDCO classes of 2014

SIDCO/COEX class of 2015 (includes second year sidco's)

Mailing List for COEX Practicum & Master's Paper Administration

community of practice

Master's Program in Coexistence and Conflict Class List for incoming 2006 - graduating 2007 students

coexistence student came in 07 graduating in 08


Only COEX students Class of 2010

Class Updates

Students' lis for COEX220a - spring09

Fall 2009 students in Dialogue & Mediation

Students' lis for COEX260f - spring09

Master's Program in Coexistence and Conflict Alumni List


Participate in studies for money

Topics in Combinatorics

A UDR-run list for people interested in Comparative Literature

Experiential Learning

Common Ground

This listserv is for those interested in community engagement at Brandeis. This is a network, resource, and communication tool.

A listserv for commuter students

COMP instructors 2018-2019

Compensation Department

Concerned People at Brandeis

Constitutional Review Updates

Contra Dancers

announcements for contra dances on campus

Contra Dancers E-Board

Contra dancers in the Brandeis area over the summer


Copyright @ Brandeis

Computer Science majors/minors

Computer Science majors/minors

COSI UDR's at Brandeis

COSI 11a Fall 2015 TA

For users of the Gelles lab CoSMoS image analysis software

Co-Ed Volleyball Club 2009, coed volleyball club

Midyear Committee

Charles River 164 Residents 2010-2011

CRA_Renovations Office of Capital Projects Notification Listserv

News from Environmental Studies

Creative Writing majors, minors, and others interested

For the Parents of Current Rowers



the newest improv troupe on campus

Crowd Control

Crowd Control Improv


Crown Center Email List


COSI New Student List - Fall 2015





OUT OF DATE!!! Computer Science Alumni -Master's Students

Massachusetts CS Diversity Discussion List

CS Grads 2019-2020

Catholic Student Organization

Chinese Students & Scholars Association (CSSA)

Culinary Arts Club

Cultural Services

turrigiano lab culture club

culture x 2012

culture x volunteers

Culture X Performers

Culture X 2010

Culture X 2016 performers

Culture X 2016 performers

list serve for the culture x chairs

Culture X SEAC

List for cupcakers

Current LATTE Instructors, Spring 2010

Creative Writing News and Events

Data Analytics Club mailing list

Davis Fellows Group Monday

Davis Fellows Group Thursday

Dean of Arts and Sciences Student Advisory Committee

Brandeis Debate Team

Brandeis Birthright Alumni

Deis3D Leadership Listserv

'DeisBikes: Bicycle Sharing Program


Alumni, parents, and supporters of the Brandeis Rowing Team

Disney Club

Google @ Brandeis

DEIS Impact 2017

deisimpacters listserv

deisimpacters listserv

deisimpacters listserv

deisimpacters listserv

deisimpacters listserv

Brandeis International Relations Committee (BIRC)

Robotics Club at Brandeis University

Robotics Club at Brandeis University.

deis Tennis

Brandeis Virtual Reality and Game Development Club

DeLeT Cohort 12 Students

delet cohort 14 2015-2016

Brandeis Democrats


News for residents of Deroy 2

Massell Quad - Deroy 3 Hall List serve

Deroy 3 Community Hall

Deroy 3

Deroy Ground LSC 2012-13

Deroy 2 2010-2011


Goldfarb Library Deskworkers

German speakers at Brandeis

discussing finance news

Digital Humanities at Brandeis

Digital Humanities Consortia of Massachusetts


Dialogue and Mediation Skills

Brandeis Dining News

Discussion Section for Sociology 1a

Liquid Latex 2012's Disney group

Distance Production Staff

Student Union Diversity Committee

Diversity Cast

List serve for Diversity Reading Groups

Division of Science Technology Group

Users of DNA* Lasergene at Brandeis

dog sees god prodstaff

Dogic Lab Email List

Dogic Lab Email List Minus Zvonimir for Frivolous Messages

Dogic Lab Email List

cast of Dog Sees God

D.O. (Osteopathic Medicine)

Triskelion's FIERCE Drag Show

New Listserve

SIDCO class of 2015

Only dual degree students

Duclos lab mailing list

Dybbuk cast info

East Asian Studies Faculty

East Asian Studies Students

Eastern Regional ATSA

Rosenthal East Quad

Listserv for East Quad Residents 2010-2011

Student Union Executive Board

Mailing List for the Southeast Asia Executive Board

Economics Class of 2008

Economics class of 2013

Economics class of 2014

Economics class of 2015

Economics class of 2016

Economics class of 2017

Economics class of 2018

Economics class of 2019

economics class of 2020

Economics class of 2021

Economics class of 2019

Brandeis Economics and Finance Review

Brandeis Economics Majors

Brandeis Economics Society


European Cultural Studies (ECS) interest list

Research in Education Technology

announcements for ED and MAT program students, faculty and staff

Brandeis for John Edwards

EL Committee '12

Student Union Elections

Elections Commissioners

English Language Learning Initiative

ELP tutees

English Language Programs Tutors

Embassy List

IBS Investment Club

Emerging Markets Investment Club SY '08-'09

Emerging Markets Investment Club, School year: 2010

students interested in joining the EMT class - spring 2008

students interested in the EMT class in Sprin 2009

Listserv for BEMCo EMT Class held in Spring 2011 at Brandeis

Spring 2012 EMT Course

Spring 2013 EMT Course

Spring 2013 EMT Course

EMT Class

EMT Class

Electron Microscope Users

Users of the bibliography software EndNote

ENG faculty

English Grad Students

English Dept. Graduate student information list

English Graduate jobseekers 2018-19

English Department Job seekers

English non t-track for meetings

ENG faculty

Enhancement Comittee

Brandeis Ensemble Video Users


Incoming Heller students

Mailing List for the Entrepreneur Club

Environmental Studies UDR Information

Escort Safety Service

Environmental Studies Program Class of 2007

Environmental Studies Program Class of 2008

Environmental Studies Program Class of 2009

Environmental Studies Program Class of 2010

Environmental Studies Program Class of 2011

class of 2012



ENVS class of 2015

Environmental Studies

Environmental Studies '18

Environmental Studies '19

Environmental Studies Program Alumni


Environmental Studies Program Community

Environmental Studies Program Extra

Environmental Studies Program Graduate Students

Education by Students for Students

ESS planning board

Escort Safety Service

2017 Hebrew Honor Society

Archive of Eta Beta Rho

Ethan's trip to Australia (study abroad)

Ethics Center mailing list

Ethics Center Faculty Committee mailing list

Exempt \ Non-Union

Anything to do with experiential learning, especiallly for students!

Benefits Department

Fall 2011_567South

Fall 2011_VillageA_FLOOR2

Fall 2011_VillageA_FLOOR3

Fall 2011_VillageA_FLOOR4

Fall 2011_VillageB_FLOOR2

Fall 2011_VillageB_FLOOR3

Fall 2011_VillageC_FLOOR1

Fall 2011_VillageC_FLOOR2

Fall 2011_VillageC_FLOOR3

[F/S Zumba]

Faculty Workshops

Faculty Discussion List

Faculty included in home address list

faculty list for Office of the Arts

COMP instructors Fall 2017

UWS instructors Fall 2017

comp instructors Fall 2018

uws instructors Fall 2018

uws instructors Fall 2019

Crowd Control Improv

Fall Fest Volunteer List

Fall Fest 2012 Registration

Fall Fest performances

Skydiving Jumpers for Fall 2008

Farmers Club

Food Allergy and Sensitivity Support and Awareness

List Serve for Fashion Design Club

List for both teams

Field Hockey

Mailing list for Filemaker users at Brandeis University

Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children

List for the Executive Board members of Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children(FIMRC)

Financial Systems

financial and recording secr 2013-14

Fine Arts Department

Mark Fisher memorial symposium

Free Fitness Classes at Brandeis

Jewish Life at Brandeis

occasional meeting for people doing Drosophila research at Brandeis

Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance

Friends of Mens Brandeis Basketball

Free Food at Brandeis

Food Allergy and Digestive Disorders Association

Foot in the Door

Footloose Cast

Jr/Sr Formal Committee

bunwc honorary board members

Hillel Theatre Group

Information about free kosher food on campus!

Members of The Free Play Theatre Cooperative

Spring Awakening Listserv

French and Francophone Club

a list for anyone interested in French events on campus

This is a list for people interested in what FRESH Water is doing but who are not active members of the club.

a list for members of the F.R.E.S.H water organization, seeking to bring water filtration and purification resources around the world to people in need.

2013-14Chapter FR and special event chairs

To inform fans of Too Cheap For Instruments about off-campus events

Food Recovery Network - Brandeis List Serv

Fencing Team Alumni

Fulbright Applicants

Brandeis Ska and Funk Band Interest Group

The Future of the Library at Brandeis

Greek Awareness Club

Game Knight

Game On!

Gateway 2011 Village 1C residents!

Gateway Scholars Program Listserv

Gateway Scholars 2016

Greater Boston Anthropology Consortium


Global Brigades

Global Brigades

Genetic counseling grad students

GCC Brandeis

Gender and Sexuality Center

General Chemistry Lab


General Accounting

General Tutoring--Waltham Group

Visiting the elderly- touching their lives and ours

Getz Lab News

Getz Server Users

Getz Server Users

Getz Media Lab Newsletter

The Girl Effect

GirlUp Brandeis Chapter

GIS at Brandeis

Global Affairs Table

Global Brigades

Eboard for Global Medical Brigades

Global Markets Investment Club


Global Markets Investment Club 2016

Global Markets Investment Club 2017

Global Markets Investment Club 2018

Global Markets Investment Club Alumni

Communication for GMIC Industrials team

Geezers and Neurons Ultimate

Go Club

Figure Drawing club

Tom Friedman Attendees

Gosman Building Managers

Gosman Front Desk Staff

Brandeis Gospel Choir: Voices of Praise

Details for Voices of Praise gospel events for participating members.

This list is to notify people specifically interested in the Get on the Bus event sponsored by amnesty international.

Charles River 110-EFG

Graduate Students with Families and Partners

Graduate Housing

Graduate Careers



Gravity, Brandeis' best & only humor magazine

Great Powers. Will you have a debate?

Griffith Lab Group

Global Studies Graduate students


GS-Incoming students

Graduate Students Association

GSA Senate

gsas alumni email newsletter

graduate student cultural arts club

Gender and Sexuality Center Student Workers

Gateway Scholars 2017

Gateway Scholars 2018

Gateway Buddies

The George Washington Club Mailing Listserv

A committee of the Gender Working Group which focuses on the conflict in the Congo, especially its impact on women

faculty and staff interested in gender working group event announcements

gymnastics club participants

Brandeis Official Readers' Guild

for all students participating in halloween for the hungry 2008

subsidiary of the waltham group

Habitat Coordinators

halloween for the hungry

Harold! the Musical

Brandeis Chapter of the Harry Potter Alliance

Haskell at Brandeis

East Hass 3 08-09

Hass 4 2012-13

Hass 4N, 08-09

Hass. 5 Residents

Hass 5 South

Hass 6

Hass6 2009-2010

Residents of Hass 6 (North)

Hass 6 (Right Side) list serv for 2010-2011

Renfield 1 Residents

Listserv for Northern residents of Hass 5 2008-09

Project Admins for Health Assessment Ventilation and Exposure in Nail Salon

Health and Wellness at Brandeis

HBI Scholars-in-Residence Alum

Hillel Community Chorus of Brandeis University

Brandeis Health & Fitness Club

Brandeis Hellenic Society

examining diversity and privilege

Heller August graduates

Heller continuation PhD students

Heller New York City trip

commencement list

heller phd program committee

all Heller post-resident PhD students

Post Doc Fellows, Sen Scientists, Scientists, Vis Scholars, Senior Fellows, Fellows, Sen Res Associates, Res Associates, Research Analysts, Senior Programmers

Sen Scientists, Scientists

Heller Bulletin at the Heller School

Heller commencement

All Heller Students in Residence

Lockers at heller

all Heller PhD students

Heller School Sustainability Working Group

Heller Student Government Association

Heller SEP

Graduate Student TA Jobs

List Test

High Energy Theory and High Energy Experimental Groups

High-Energy Theory Group

High Energy Tier 3 Cluster

Heschel Colloquium Registration

Habitat for Humanity (Waltham Group)

Spring Volunteers 2009

Hospital Helpers

Hospital Helpers

Spring Volunteers 2009

Brandeis Hillel

Old Board!

Hillel at Brandeis Campus Relations

Hillel at Brandeis Education

Hillel at Brandeis First Year

Hillel at Brandeis First Year

Brandeis Hillel Student Leaders

Hillel Theatre Group

Adagio's hip hop dance choreographed by Anna and Micaela

Listserve for Hispanic Studies UDRs

History Faculty and Affiliates

Brandeis Historical Alliance

students enrolled in fall 2017 history courses

Hobby Hour

Hold Thy Peace

Theater Arts

Theater Arts

List for The Brandeis Hoot's Arts staff.

Graphics list for The Brandeis Hoot

Information & Recruitment for The Brandeis Hoot

Join The Hoot

Hoot Weekly Updates

Hoot Copy List Serv

The Features section of The Brandeis Hoot

Hoot Market Student Employees

Hoot News

The Brandeis Hoot: Opinions

Hospital Helpers

Hospital Helpers

Hospital Helpers

Hospital Helpers 2015

Hospital Helpers

Hosts for 2009-2010

Admissions Hosts 2010-2011

Admissions Hosts 2010-2011

Hosts 2013-2014

Hosts 2019-2020

HOT Show 2009

Hooked on Tap exec. board


Sharon Street House For Rent

Super Mario Brothers, The Musical

Harry Potter Alliance

Harry Potter Alliance

Contact list for HPcc administrators

Discussion list for HPcc users

Post-Doc Process

Human Resources relocation to Bernstein Marcus

Holocaust Remembrance Committee

PeopleSoft HR 9.1 Core Team


Hornstein students, faculty and staff

Hornstein community, all contacts

All Hornstein alumni

Associated staff and faculty

Hornstein current faculty

Hornstein first year students

Hornstein Fieldwork supervisors- 2nd yrs

hornstein professional colleagues

Hornstein second year students

Heller Student Association

The Heller School Journal of Social Policy

The Heller School Journal of Social Policy

Legally Blonde

Hold Thy Peace Board Members

International and Global Studies Majors and Minors

Humanities Faculty Voting List

subsidiary of the waltham group

Information for IASP staff

International Behavioral Economics and Finance Association

African Business Club


International Business Women Club

List for Brandeis IBS Technology team

IBS African Business Club

IBS Alumni Careers


Business Consulting Club

List of all IBS Club Leaders

Club Leaders 2014 - 2015

Club Leaders 2015 - 2016

Club Leaders 2016 - 2017

IBS Council

IBS Students - LGBTs and Allies

IBS MA Class of 2012

2012 IBS MBA List

Brandeis IBS MBA



2012 New PhD Student List

IBS Research

IBS Squash Club

IBS Student Services

IBS African Business Club

IBS Student Association email list

IBS Study Abroad

discussion group for accepted students

List for incoming IBS students.

IBS Tennis Club

International Business Women

IBW alumnae

IBW members

Intercultural Center Members and Intercultural Center Events

ICC alumni listserv

Brandeis Ice Hockey Team

Brandeis Ice Hockey Club

Brandeis International Club

Idea Lab

IdM UNET DB Retirement

Members of the IGS class of 2021

Igs current students mailing list


Interlibrary Loan

IMES Undergraduate Majors and Minors

IMES Undergraduate Majors and Minors

Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies-Signups


IMPRINT email mailings

Indian Student Society

Indie Louies Film Festival

IndieLouies listserv

This is a mailing list for people interested in Internet Studies


request for integrated planning list

people interested in crew 2013

Interested students for Soc, PAX, SJSP

Internal Audit Department

International Justice

Brandeis Investment Club

Club formation


This list is for international Brandeis Alumni who are currently on OPT

Immigrant Support Services Practicum

A listserv for the students, peer assistants and instructor for the ISSP community-service based practicum, attached to Anth1a, fall 2012.


Italian Club

IT Governance at Brandeis University

IT Employment Opportunities


J Street U Brandeis Announcements

Literary Publication

Jadhav Lab Mailing List

Jadhav Lab Mailing List

Japan earthquake fundraising

Japan earthquake relief volunteers list


Jazz Standard

Junior Brandeis Achievers

justice brandeis scholars 2010

justice brandeis scholars 2012

justice brandeis scholars 2010


Julius Caesar Rehearsals

Jewish Feminist Association of Brandeis

Judges For Israel

Jewish-German Dialogue

Journal of International Students

Journal Club

Info for students interested in Journalism Dept

List for Justice photography staff

Japanese Students Association Mailing List

Japanese Student Association E-Board Mailing List

Jubilee Project Brandeis Chapter

Brandeis Judo Club

Skydiving and Future Endeavours Club

A listserv for Justice arts writers.

Faculty and staff art exhibition

This is a list for Justice copy editors and staff members.

The Justice Different Voices Porgram

Justice Features

JustForum Staff

list for justice layout staffers and artists

Justice News writers

list for Justice sports

List for all current Justice staff members

Kaos Kids and Friends

Kehilat Sha'ar

Kickball Information Distribution Center

kids connection- waltham group

Community Service

Kindness Day Catchers

KLAL discussion group

Korean Language Table

For beginning and more advanced knitters to improve their skills and come together to knit and watch movies.

Kosow Typhoon

Brandeis Korean Student Association (BKSA)

KSEA-YG New England at Brandeis


Rosbash Lab Members

Brandeis users of Labview software

LaCE volunteers

LALS News and Events

information about the program

information about the program

administrative matters

Chinese Language Buddies

Please create this list

Latin Club Dist List

latte-emergency escalation list

LATTE Updates and Tips

LATTE Default Email Account

Laurel Moon

For people who are planning the celebration

Laurel Moon 48HR Film Contest: ADAPT



King Lear, Fall 2008

Shabbat Lunch and Learn

Legal Briefs

BOO Torah Reading

Lemberg C.C. - Adventures

Lemberg C.C. - Butterflies

Creative Connection Campers & Parents

Lemberg C.C. - Explorers

February break families

Friends of Center for Early Childhood Teacher Development

Lemberg C.C. - Hummingbirds

Lemberg C.C. - Navigators

Lemberg C.C. - Voyagers

Lemberg Children's Center

Alex's Lemonade Stand Brandeis University Chapter

LGBTQ Facutly & Staff Association

LGBTQIA+ Grad Students

Gender and Sexuality Center



Library subject liaisons

Library Publicity and Marketing

Library Signage

Brandeis Lifeguard Staff

Linguistics UDR list

Lisman Lab Members

So I can keep in touch with everyone while I'm abroad

Intramural Football

Studies for pay

BTV: Lopez Brothers

BTV: Lopez Brothers

BTV: Lopez Brothers

Lopez Bros: Unit Production Crew

prod staff information

This is just a test

lown building

Roosevelt Fellowing!

Roosevelt Fellowing!

Life Science Faculty accepting Grad Students

Life Science Faculty accepting Grad Students

Life sciences graduate students

Postdoctoral fellows in the Life Sciences

Life sciences undergraduate students. List includes mailing lists for biochem, biology and neuroscience majors. Should not be used in ADDITION to those lists, but used only to reach ALL undergraduates at once.


Luce - Effective Educators

Alyssa Studying Abroad

Macbeth Cast Listserv Fall 2012

The Brandeis Machine Learning Club

LATTE Special Support Oversight Team



Benefits Department

For fans of Manginah

4 recently graduated brandeis alums are going on a road trip. This is a list for updates on said journey!

MAPS Brandeis

Super Mario Brothers, The Musical

Mario Pit Orchestra


New list creation request for Heller School- SID

New list creation request for Heller School- SID

SID list serve

Masorti listserv

Welcome to Brandeis!

Mailing list for Mathematica users at Brandeis University

MATH faculty

Math grad students

math majors and minors

senior math majors and minors

Math UDR List

Information and discussion for users of Matlab

First year MBA students

All students new to MBA Fall 2016 including continuing duals (does not include Tufts MD/MBA)

All students new to MBA Fall 2017 including continuing duals new to MBA (does not include Tufts MD/MBA)

All students new to MBA Fall 2017 including continuing duals new to MBA (does not include Tufts MD/MBA)

M. Butterfly Production Staff

Mol Cell Biol Grad Program Faculty

MCB grad students

Listserv for updates on construction activities related to the Mandel Center for the Humanities

MCH Faculty

Announcements related to faculty and staff moving into the Mandel Center for the Humanities

Middle East Business Society

Medieval Renaissance

brandeis medieval society

Mailing List for the Faculty, Student, and Staff Meditation Group at Brandeis University

2013-14 Membership Chairs

Members Email List

IRG 1 Group Meetings

Men's Ultimate Alumni

List for Men's fencing team

first gen mentors

List to keep the team updated on summer training plans and Captains' Practices

Listserve for Brandeis MEOR

Merchant of Venice Cast


Users of MetaMorph shared network license

MicroStrategy Users email list

Theater Arts

Midyear Committee

Listserv for Brandeis Rowing

VillageC1 Floor Announcements


Hillel Minyan and Prayer Group Leaders

Mitzvah Corps listserve

mixed heritage club

MLK and Friends Club

Motorcycle License Resource Center

iPhone App Support


Arab & Jazz band

Mock Trial (BUMTA)

Stacked B

Mock Trial List

Brandeis Molecular Meeting

Students involved in the Mosaic Program



Mountain Club

MPP second years

Master of Public Policy - second year

Master of Public Policy - first year

Master of Public Policy - 2014 graduates

Master of Public Policy - second year

Master of Public Policy - second and third year

Master of Public Policy - first year

Health and Behavioral Health alumni and current students

Health and Behavioral Health current students

Master of Public Policy - second year

Helller MPP Student Association Publications Committee

Mr. Brandeis 2010 Contestants

Every thursday, 5 pm in Abelson 333

MRSEC Newslist


MRSEC Executive Committee



MRSEC SIs outside Brandeis University

MRSEC BZ Active Matter team

SID/MS 08-09


MSIHPM students

Graduate students participating in the Macromolecular Structure and Mechanism Program

Multicultural Council listserv

A communication method for Multifaith Council Members

Music faculty

Brandeis Music Grad Students

Brandeis Music Dept. Faculty and Staff

Mussar VAAD of Brandeis University!

Brandeis Chapter of the National Association for Business Economics

Brandeis Chapter of the National Association for Business Economics

Nail Salon Study

Namaskar Eboard

Naomi keeping in touch from Tanzania

Brandeis Science Advisees for Nat Lazar

The National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS)

The NaturaLiving Club

NBio 148b

National Collegiate Volunteers

NEJS Alums

NEJS Alums

NEJS Alums

NEJS Faculty

NEJS Friends

NEJS Grads

NEJS Grads

NEJS Grads

NEJS Sign Ups

NEJS Undergraduate Majors and Minors

NEJS-IMES Undergraduate Majors and Minors

Northeast Region Lab Managers

Nelson/Turrigiano Lab

first floor shapiro science center community living

New England Region email addresses

North East Regional Learning Analytics Symposium

Brandeis IBS Net Impact Chapter

Net Impact Brandeis Undergrad Chapter

Net Impact Heller

Emergency Netsys contact

Neuroscience Faculty

Neuroscience grad students

Undergraduate neuroscience majors

Postdoctoral associates working in the area of Neuroscience

neuroscience club

NeuroHack club

Neuroscience Events/Announcements/Scheduling

Neuroscience Undergraduate Club

Discussion list for HPcc users

Crowd Control Performing Member List


new uws instructors 2019-2020

Coalition of Nocturnal Disc Hurlers (CONDiH)

Japanese Language Table

Nir is not Here

Anita Hill attendees May 3, 2012

Spring 2015 EMT Course

High Field NMR Users

Benefits Department


Noontime Basketball

chapter members email addresses

Nourish International

nutrition tips from Laura O'Gara, RD, LDN

NYC Health

Orthodox Christian Organization

Online Course Videos faculy users

Benefits Department

Benefits Department

Benefits Department

Off-Campus Students

Office of the General Counsel

Office of the Treasurer

Or, Cast, Players 2012

Office of Research Administration

Office of Research Administration Award Notifications

Distribution list for advance notice to ORA

Office of Research Administration Award Notifications

Org Psyc Class Project

A list for the seven alumni brandeis students moving into allston next year. Glenville 116 ave!

Psych - Organizational behavior


Psychological Amusement in Notable Interests Club

Poverty Action Coalition Members List

Brandeis Paintball Club

Brandies Paint Nights


Group meeting

Pandora's Box dance study

Internal communication for PARC advocates

Thursday night Torah learning

PAX Steering Committee

PAX - Minors & Faculty


Psychological Counseling Center

PCEC Distribution List

Peace Circle List

Private Equity and Venture Capital Club

Brandeis Private Equity & Venture Capital Club

Positive Foundations Members List

Benefits Department

PhD1 students

Staff for Philadelphia Here I Come


Philosophy Majors

Philosophy Minors

Graduate Students for the Philosophy of the State Class

Philosophy Faculty

Philosophical Love

Philosophy Position

Philosophically Speaking: Brandeis University's Undergraduate Philosophy Journal

Philosophically Speaking: Brandeis University's Undergraduate Philosophy Journal

Photo Club

Physics Information

Physics Faculty

Graduate Students in Physics Department

Physics Club

Undergraduate physics majors

Physics Staff

Events and Club Meetings

UTC Players - Picasso at the Lapin Agile

Partners in Health Engage Brandeis: a branch of the non-profit organization Partners in Health

Playback Theater Group

Brandeis Players

Brandeis Pluralism Alliance

Pokemon Club

Trisk - Political OUTreach

Information about the politics department

Undergraduate Department Representative Communication for the Politics Department


A mailing list for the residents of Pom 1 and 2

listserv rwquest

For Pom 5 Residents '09-'10

Welcome to Pom 4

Residents of Pom 6 2008-09

The Posse

Listserv for strictly posse scholars.

Resource and information sharing among postdocs and administrators

Pottery Club

Political Outreach for Triskelion

Property Plant & Equipment

Pre-Dental Society

Precollege Senior Staff

Brandeis Pre-Law Society

health professions applicants

Pre-Med Students 2012 matriculation

Pre-Med Students 2013 matriculation

Pre-Meds at Brandeis

Pre-vet listserv

Primo implementation project communications

Accounts Payable

The Love of the Nightingale Production Staff

Programming Practice Group

Waltham Group Club

Program in Religious Studies Events

Program in Religious Studies Declared Students

Program in Relgious Studies News and Events

PeopleSoft Systems Administration

Psi Chi at Brandeis

PeopleSoft Report Notification



Undeclared Psychology Students


Psychology Club

News about QAA

QB Students

Quiz Bowl Club


Queer Policy Alliance

Queer Resource Center

QR Codes in LTS

PhD Qualitative Methods Group

Trisk - Queer People of Color Coalition

Brandeis Quidditch

The Brandeis Quiz Bowl Team

Announcements for Currently Registered Rabb Students

Racial Equity in ECE


Rabb Bioinformatics Network

RCP Boston

Citi Training Distribution List

Grad students in CONT 300B Spring 2012

Grad students in CONT 300B Spring 2013

Grad students in CONT 300B Spring 2014

Grad students in CONT 300B Spring 2014

Postdoctoral fellows in CONT 300B Spring 2012

Postdoctoral fellows in CONT 300B Spring 2012

Postdoctoral fellows in CONT 300B Spring 2012

Postdoctoral fellows in CONT 300B Spring 2015

Grad students in CONT 300B Spring 2016

Postdoctoral fellows and senior grad students in CONT 300B Spring 2016

Real Estate Club Board

IBS Real Estate Club

Core drivers to get more real food!

Real Food NOW!

Brandeis Reconstructionist Organization

Reitman Cable Ground Citizens

Reitman and Cable Ground list serv

AMST Announcement

2009 Relay For Life of Brandeis University

Relay for Life Committee

Renfield 3rd

Renfield2 Announcements

A list for the awesome residents of Renfield 2!!


List for communication between Renfield 3 CA and residents.

Renfield 1 Residents

CA list for residents

List for residents

Cast Listserve for RENT

Student Union Representatives


New list


Responsible Negotiation Module 1

Benefits Department

Biochemistry/Biophysics Retreat

Reunion 2015

List of members of the Revive Mumbai project

Relay For Life Team Captains 2009

Brandeis Royal Gaming Society Mailing List

Events and Info for Ridgewood A

Resource Management and Access

Help us choose which bands to bring to campus! Learn how to set up shows and work with sound equipment! Have a rockin' good time!

list to announce all concerts hosted by the punk rock n roll club to interested students.

Rocky Horror Picture Show

Rocky Horror Official Production Ensemble

Women's Rugby Rookies

Roosevelt Fellow listserv for my advisees to make it easier to send emails to the group

Upcoming Events at the Rose Art Museum

Rose Art Museum Renovation Weekly Construction Update

Rose Art Guard Staff

A list for all Rose Art Guides and Guards

Rose Art Museum 2010 Winter Staff

Rosenstiel Center Announcements

Rosh Chodesh Women's Kumzitz

List for residents of Rosenthal East for the year 2010-2011.

Rosenthal East Quad


Rosie South Information

Religious Pluralism and Spirituality Group

Men's Rugby

This list will be used to communicate with rugby recruits who express interest at the club fair.

Brandeis University Running and Racing Club

Rush committee

Weekly Current Events in Russia E-Mail Newsletter

Brandeis events and announcements related to Russia and Eastern Europe

Brandeis Russian Club

RW residents 2010-2011

Students to End Alzheimer's Disease

list for SAGE Functional users



Students Against Mass Incarceration

Schwartz and E Tower

The Coolest List Ever!

Sangha Buddhist Meditation Club

SCV members 2011

South Asian Students Association

South Asian Students Association Executive Board

students acquiring social skills

PeopleSoft SA 9.0 Upgrade

Save a Child's Heart - Brandeis

Student Conduct Board (SCB)




scholars 2010

scholars 2012

Renfield2 Announcements


Schiff Fellows

Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism Student Research Assistant Alumni

Contact all Schuster Institute staff

Notification to users for Schwartz Hall construction activities each week for renovation

Division of Science Administrative Staff

Division of Science Faculty

Job postings aimed at Science grad students

Graduate students in the Division of Science

Undergraduates majoring within the Division of Science

Postdoctoral fellows in the Division of Science

Weekly Seminar Listings

Division of Science Staff

Summer Undergrads in Science at Brandeis 2012

Summer Undergrads in Science at Brandeis 2013

Summer Undergrads in Science at Brandeis 2014

Summer Undergrads in Science at Brandeis 2015

Summer Undergrads in Science at Brandeis 2016

Summer Undergrads in Science at Brandeis 2017

Summer Undergrads in Science at Brandeis 2018

Summer Undergrads in Science at Brandeis 2019

Arts and Sciences faculty

Science seminar announcements

Science_Construction Office of Capital Projects Notification Listserv

Science_Noise Office of Capital Projects Notification Listserv

Science_Shutdown Office of Capital Projects Listserv

Science_Smell Office of Capital Projects Notification Listserv

Science_Traffic Office of Capital Projects Listserv

Science_Vibration Office of Capital Projects Listserv

Science Education

Confocal Imaging Facility Users

Student Committee for the Rose Art Museum

Scuba Club mailing list

Students For A Democratic Society

this list is for the coordination of Students for a Democratic Society at Brandeis

Students for Environmental Action

For alumni of Students for Environmental Action


[SEAC]Southeast Asia Club

SEAC E-Board


Secured Organization Contacts

Brandeis Seirenkai Karate & Jujitsu

library selectors list (for forwarding purposes)

Student Events Liaisons Spring 2011

Faculty Senate email for Agenda items from Brandeis Faculty


Student Union Senators

Science Education for New Civic Engagement and Responsibility

Sengupta Lab Mailing List

Brandeis Senior Film

List Serve for Senior Class Gift Event and News

Senior Interviewers 2012-2013

Admissions Senior Interviewers

Senior Week

Service Management Group

services committee

Service Without Borders

SE Staff Spring 2014

Set and Props Design UTC

Student Events Volunteers

Students for Education Reform

Brandeis Students for Education Reform

SGI Buddhist Club at Brandeis

Meal Organizing

Shabbat Squad

Student Health Advisory Committee


Shapiro 3rd Floor B

Shapiro Science Center Level 2

Shapiro 1-33 Microscope Useers

Hall Announcements

Residents of Shapiro 2B

This is a list for all residents of Shapiro 3B during the 2008/2009 School Year


Head CA listserv

Shapiro 1B CA list

Shapiro B residence hall

Shapiro 2B residents

Sharsheret at Brandeis

sherman dining hall

shira chadasha

shira chadasha at brandeis

The Brandeis Partnership Minyan

Siddhartha Production List

Sinfronteras Alumni

Sin Fronteras group Listserv request

Sin Fronteras group Listserv request

SJSP Steering Committee

Ska Kids of 'Deis

Ice Skating Club

Ski and Snowboard Team Mailing List


Student Language Exchange



Slifka contacts from 11.17.09

Staff Meeting Agenda Working Group


Graduate Students of Sociology & Sociology Faculty

All Sociology Faculty

Students in the practicum class for Social Movements.

Sociology Dept Alumni - MAs and PhDs

Soccer for Sciences

Brandeis Soccer Alumni

Brandeis IBS Soccer Club

list of team

Sociology Graduate Students only

for msgs to be sent by office to Sociology Graduate Students only

Sociology Grads '16

Topics of Social Justice and monthly Social Justice Forum events details

Social Science Administrators

All Social Science Graduate Students

All Social Science Graduate Students

All Social Science PhD Students

Software Entrepreneurship

For those working on the Social Justice Leadership Series

voices of soul acapella

South Asian Studies interest list

South Florida


Student Peace Alliance


Special Olympic Club News

Community Service

Prodstaff for Tymp's "The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee"

email list for a new campus organization

Sponsored Programs Accounting

UWS instructors Spring 2018

UWS instructors Spring 2019

UWS instructors Spring 2020


Adagio Dance Company

The Special Productions team at WBRS.

The Minor in Sexuality and Queer Studies

Brandeis Squash Club

Secular Student Alliance at Brandeis

SSB Staff Listserv

Drug Policy

SSIS newsletter

Student Support Services

STAND: A Student Anti-Genocide Coalition

Cascade CMS Standard Template Publishers

So Unique: Brandeis Step Dance Group

Stein and Ollie Workers

Mailing List

Storage administrators

Strategies for Coexistence Interventions

Media Streaming project announcment list

Brandeis String Theory Group

Mail list serve for Student for Tibet Club

Student Employment

Student Events

Student Philanthropy Committee

Student Association for TRII

Brandeis Students for Justice in Palestine

Study Group

Study Abroad Dept/ Program Liaisons

Student Union Diversity Committee

Students United for Israel


Pepperberg Bird Lab

Listserve for Girls Group During the Summer

For Mountain Club people here this summer.

summer gosman staff

Summer TAs

Sunday Night Learning

Student Union Outreach Committee

Super Mario Brothers, The Musical

Community Service

Surfing Club

Brandeis Senate Sustainability Committee

List for Staff & Faculty Interested in Promoting Sustainbility on Campus

search comm for SVP of Students and Enrollment

list for people who perform in the brandeis swing troupe

Waltham Group Symbiosis

Listserv to connect people who like reading books and talking about them

Syntax Reading Group


list for MicroStrategy users

List for all members of the Table Tennis club.

Turkish/Armenian Dialogue Group

The Elite Business Organization of Brandeis University


Tamid Fund 2018-2019

Tanked Thinkers

Hooked on Tap

TAPS (Teaching Assistants In Public Schools)

Tap Technique Class

TBA Improv and Sketch Comedy Information

To Be Announced (Audience Members)

Executive Board list for TCFI

Email list for fans of Too Cheap For Instruments a cappella group

Trading Card Game Club

Tie-Dye Club

Opportunities for Teaching Fellow, 2009-10

Techies Unite

Technology Announcements

Tempest Listserv

Econ and IBS Tenured faculty

creating list for testing

Brandeis-Boston TeX User Group

Ultracentrifuge in TgF (Bassine (303)

Transgenic Core TC hoods

User information for Bassine 201A Transgenic Facility

User information for Bassine 201A Transgenic Facility

Senior Festival

Theater Arts Department Information

The Vagina Monologues

Connect theater 2a group

Living Learning Community Hall

The Joint, WBRS's weekly live music series

Faculty and grad students on theory IGERT

The Sparrow

Place to Scream softly

Residential Hall/ C3

Think Tank 2011

On the Radio

This Is Our Youth Production Staff

Mailing list request for the Technology and Innovation Management club, IBS, Brandeis

Time Collectors for the Time Administration system


Info on Top Score performances and events for our super-cool fans!

Torat Emet, the BOO Weekly Torah Publication

A list for Brandeis Admissions Tour Guides

Play squash with your friends (tower optional)

Toxic Majorette Dance Line

track and cross country teams

Trans Discussion and Crafting

Sex and Sexualities Symposium (SASS)

All Heller/Tufts MBA students

TYMP Mailing List

Transitional Year Program

Hillel at Brandeis Tzedek Hillel/Social Justice

Hillel at Brandeis Tzedek Hillel/Social Justice Leaders

Undergraduate Advising Heads 2017-18

Brandeis UAID

Flying RC Aircraft

SU University Committee Coordinators

University Chorus Members Spring 2009

New list udaysmemeclub

English UDR

UDR Classics Department

uechi ryu karate club mailing list

Undergraduate Designers

Women's Ultimate Frisbee

Unapologetically Black Cast and Crew

Undergrad marketing club listserve

UNet Web Development

Benefits Department

Benefits Department



Mailing list for initiative

URBAN ASA network on Community Based Research

Student Employees of Usdan

Used Furniture and Supplies Listserve, managed by Campus Sustainability Initiative

Cable Ground

Usen 2 Hall

Usen 2 2012-2013

Hall Information

information for residents

Residence Hall

Undergraduate Theater Collective

UTC Banquet Planning Committee

UWS instructors 19-20

UWS Evaluation Process

UWS Evaluation Process

UWS placement exam grading

Turrigiano lab

V67 CA/CDC Staff List

Vagina Monologues 2014

Volleyball Team Alumni List

Vagina Club

VM Cast 2011

Hospital Helpers

Brandeis Vegans and Vegetarians

In the Next Room cast

A list for the residents living on C1 of the Village

Village 2/3C 2011 Residents

Village C 3 Mid-Years Spring 2012

residents of Village B1

residents of Village B2

VillageC1 Floor Announcements

list serve for residents of village c floors 2 & 3

List for living together

Oral Poetry

VOCAL Poetry Eboard


some people playing soccer

Volocity discussion and announcements

Volunteer CORE 2010-2011

Volunteer CORE 2012-2013

A list for Brandeis Admissions Hosts

Volunteer Vacations' 2007-2008 group, attending the Enviormental North Carolina Trip

PreHealth Society Volunteers

Admissions Volunteers 08-09

PARC Violence Prevention Education Team

Vietnamese Student Association

Food Scavengers of the Campus

Benefits Department

Wander: Brandeis Abroad

Wander: Brandeis Abroad

Biology - Wangh Laboratory

Waltham Action Research Project 2008-2009

Watch CDC English Tutoring Program

Tom Friedman TV

Co-Ed Water Polo Club

Brandeis Women's Soccer Club

WBRS mailing list

WBRS Summer List

All the active WBRS DJs for the current semester.

WBRS Music Dept. Weekly Charts

WBRS New Members


Workshop for Critical Inquiry and Education

Participants of the mStoner Discovery Sessions for the Brandeis Website Redesign Project

Web Operations: Communications + LTS

Conservative Minyan Weekday List

Peacebuilding mailing list

2011-2012 leaders

women's varsity fencing team

Work Family Researchers Network

Waltham Group Fundraising

Waltham Group Kid's Connection 2008-2009

WGS Program Alums

Women's & Gender Studies Core Faculty

Women's and Gender Studies FEC

Graduate Reading Group on History of Women, Gender, & Sexuality

BEN club

Theater Arts

List for Wien scholars to communicate and plan events

Brandeis Wiffle Ball Club Mailing List

Winter Break activities

WiSI Mailing List

the wiz cast

the wiz prodstaff

Women's Lacrosse List

Women of Color Alliance

WMGS 106b 94a Practicum Students

List for Women's fencing team

Women's Rugby

Work in Progress

Improv Workshops

Work, Wealth & Inequality working group

Annoucements related to renovations of the worships spaces on campus

Co-ed Water Polo Club

Creative writing group list request

Brandeis Writer's Club

Women's Rugby Alumni & Fans

Women's rugby officers

Women's Studies Scholars Mailing List

Women's Studies Events

WGS Interested Faculty

Women's Studies Grads

Women's Studies Scholars Mailing List

WSRC & HBI Staff

WSRC Board Members

WGS Program Graduating Seniors

Women's Studies Undergrads

women's tfillah

Discussion list for Xsede users at Brandeis University


For communication Between CA and Residents of Village 1 and 2

Latin American Politics I

Politics of Southeast Asia

Gordon 2 Announcements

Politics of Southeast Asia

Charles River 178

the hot ladies of 100 bedford street

Reitman 1

Uber Awesome Shapiro 3A floor listserv for 2010-2011

Latin American Politics II

Politics of Southeast Asia

Reitman 2 Resident List

Massell Quad Shapiro 2B Residents ListServ

Latin American Politics II


Politics 144a Class List

Politics of Southeast Asia

Latin American Politics II

Latin American Politics I

Politics of Southeast Asia

Latin American Politics II

Latin American Politics I

Southeast Asian Politics

the list for 145south st! aye!

Eighteenth-Century Studies

Listerv for the production staff of Brandeis Players' 1984


2011 2012 Residents of Reitman and Cable Ground Floor


2011 Admissions Senior Interviewers

CA residence hall "12-'13

All MBA Heller

Feb, May and August 2014 graduates

Incoming 2016 PhD students

Fall 2016 IBS Talk Recipients

Incoming 2017 PhD students

Incoming 2018 PhD students

Incoming 2019 PhD students

25Live and Resource 25

Microsoft Software Development Workshops

Deis3D - 3D Printing Club

Mailing list for Brandeis 3 Day Startup Challenge

Benefits Department

567 apartments

567 Housing '09-'10

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