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residents of village A2

Academic administrators

Academic Advisors for Firstyears Transfers, Midyears2010-11

Academic Services

IRG 2 Group Meetings

APA Parent Education Program - Train the Trainers Outreach

Aging Training Grant Trainees

Psychology Department Aging Training Group


Ally List

All Social Sciences Faculty

Sharing a apartment

A&S staff

arts and sciences academic administrators ALL

arts and sciences department chairs

Arts and Sciences faculty

arts and sciences program chairs

Benefits Administration Implementation

Bad Grammer

IBS BA/MA 2015

IBS BA/MA 2016

IBS BA/MA 2017


Benefits Department

Benefits Department

Benefits Department

Benefits Department

Benefits Department

Benefits Department


New Building Number Requests


International Friends volunteers

Boo Chesed Committee

BOO Board 2010

BNC BrandeisParents

Residence Hall Announcements

Brandeis Ombuds


Brandeis Parents

Budget and Planning

Budget Managers

Budget Managers

Archive of all-campus bulk email messages

Brandeis - Staff & Faculty

Community Living

Julius Caesar Prod Staff and Cast

Campus Cards

This is the list serv for the Community Advisors in the Castle and Rosenthal Quads

Announcements, News, and Opportunities: The Interdisciplinary Minor in Creativity, The Arts, and Social Transformation (CAST)


CAST UDRs use this list to send messages to program minors

Collections, Access and Technical Services

C Change Administration

Chapter presidents 2009-10

BNC chapter president

BNC chapter president

Danielle's residents of chuck 110!

Brandeis Admission Chatting Program

Brandeis Admission Chatting Program

This is for the Charles River Quad Community Advisors


Investment Office

Citi Training Distribution List

PBA Bahraini Artists Visit

Committee On Academic Standing

COEX class of 2014

New Coex10 students

coexistence student came in 07 graduating in 08

Only COEX students Class of 2010

COMP instructors 2018-2019

Compensation Department

Copyright @ Brandeis

COSI UDR's at Brandeis

Charles River 164 Residents 2010-2011

CRA_Renovations Office of Capital Projects Notification Listserv


Crown Center Email List

COSI New Student List - Fall 2015





CS Grads 2019-2020

Davis Fellows Group Monday

Davis Fellows Group Thursday

Dean of Arts and Sciences Student Advisory Committee


Deroy Ground LSC 2012-13

Deroy 2 2010-2011

Goldfarb Library Deskworkers

List serve for Diversity Reading Groups

Only dual degree students

East Asian Studies Faculty

East Asian Studies Students

Student Union Executive Board

Economics Class of 2008

Economics class of 2013

Economics class of 2014

Economics class of 2015

Economics class of 2016

Economics class of 2017

Economics class of 2018

Economics class of 2019

economics class of 2020

Economics class of 2021

Economics class of 2019

EL Committee '12

English Language Programs Tutors

Enhancement Comittee


Incoming Heller students

Exempt \ Non-Union

Benefits Department

Faculty Workshops

Faculty included in home address list

COMP instructors Fall 2017

UWS instructors Fall 2017

comp instructors Fall 2018

uws instructors Fall 2018

uws instructors Fall 2019

Fall Fest performances

List for the Executive Board members of Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children(FIMRC)

Financial Systems

financial and recording secr 2013-14

Fulbright Applicants

Gateway Scholars Program Listserv

Gender and Sexuality Center

General Accounting

Getz Server Users

Getz Server Users

Tom Friedman Attendees

Graduate Housing

Graduate Careers


East Hass 3 08-09

Hass 5 South

Hass 6

Hass 6 (Right Side) list serv for 2010-2011

Listserv for Northern residents of Hass 5 2008-09

Health and Wellness at Brandeis

Heller August graduates

Heller New York City trip

commencement list

heller phd program committee

all Heller post-resident PhD students

Post Doc Fellows, Sen Scientists, Scientists, Vis Scholars, Senior Fellows, Fellows, Sen Res Associates, Res Associates, Research Analysts, Senior Programmers

Sen Scientists, Scientists

Heller Bulletin at the Heller School

Heller commencement

Lockers at heller

Graduate Student TA Jobs

Heschel Colloquium Registration

History Faculty and Affiliates

students enrolled in fall 2017 history courses

Admissions Hosts 2010-2011

Admissions Hosts 2010-2011

Hosts 2013-2014

Hosts 2019-2020

PeopleSoft HR 9.1 Core Team


Hornstein Fieldwork supervisors- 2nd yrs

hornstein professional colleagues

Humanities Faculty Voting List

Information for IASP staff


IBS MA Class of 2012

2012 IBS MBA List

Brandeis IBS MBA

2012 New PhD Student List

IBS Student Services

IBS Student Association email list

IBS Study Abroad

Interlibrary Loan


IMPRINT email mailings

request for integrated planning list

IT Governance at Brandeis University


information about the program

information about the program

Please create this list

For people who are planning the celebration

Creative Connection Campers & Parents

February break families

Gender and Sexuality Center

Library Publicity and Marketing


Benefits Department

New list creation request for Heller School- SID

New list creation request for Heller School- SID

SID list serve

First year MBA students

Mailing List for the Faculty, Student, and Staff Meditation Group at Brandeis University

2013-14 Membership Chairs

IRG 1 Group Meetings

first gen mentors

iPhone App Support



MPP second years

Master of Public Policy - second year

Master of Public Policy - first year

Master of Public Policy - 2014 graduates

Master of Public Policy - second year

Master of Public Policy - second and third year

Master of Public Policy - first year

Health and Behavioral Health alumni and current students

Health and Behavioral Health current students

Master of Public Policy - second year

Mr. Brandeis 2010 Contestants

MRSEC Newslist


MRSEC Executive Committee



MRSEC SIs outside Brandeis University

SID/MS 08-09

MSIHPM students

Music faculty

Benefits Department

Benefits Department

Benefits Department

Off-Campus Students

Office of the Treasurer

Office of Research Administration

Office of Research Administration Award Notifications

Distribution list for advance notice to ORA

Office of Research Administration Award Notifications

PAX Steering Committee


PCEC Distribution List

Benefits Department

PhD1 students

Partners in Health Engage Brandeis: a branch of the non-profit organization Partners in Health

Brandeis Pluralism Alliance

A mailing list for the residents of Pom 1 and 2

For Pom 5 Residents '09-'10

Resource and information sharing among postdocs and administrators

Property Plant & Equipment

Precollege Senior Staff

The Love of the Nightingale Production Staff

Program in Religious Studies Events

PeopleSoft Systems Administration

Psi Chi at Brandeis


Psychology Club

Citi Training Distribution List

Renfield2 Announcements


CA list for residents

New list

Benefits Department

Resource Management and Access

A list for all Rose Art Guides and Guards

Rose Art Museum 2010 Winter Staff

Rosenstiel Center Announcements


Rosie South Information

RW residents 2010-2011

The Coolest List Ever!

Student Conduct Board (SCB)



scholars 2012

Renfield2 Announcements


Division of Science Administrative Staff

Arts and Sciences faculty

Science_Construction Office of Capital Projects Notification Listserv

Faculty Senate email for Agenda items from Brandeis Faculty

Sengupta Lab Mailing List

Senior Interviewers 2012-2013

Admissions Senior Interviewers

Student Health Advisory Committee

Shapiro Science Center Level 2

Shapiro 1-33 Microscope Useers

Head CA listserv

Shapiro 1B CA list

Shapiro B residence hall

Shapiro 2B residents

sherman dining hall

Siddhartha Production List

SJSP Steering Committee

Slifka contacts from 11.17.09

Social Science Administrators

All Social Science Graduate Students

All Social Science Graduate Students

All Social Science PhD Students

For those working on the Social Justice Leadership Series

Sponsored Programs Accounting

UWS instructors Spring 2018

UWS instructors Spring 2019

UWS instructors Spring 2020

Storage administrators

Brandeis String Theory Group

Student Employment

Study Abroad Dept/ Program Liaisons

List for Staff & Faculty Interested in Promoting Sustainbility on Campus

search comm for SVP of Students and Enrollment

Benefits Department

Benefits Department


Used Furniture and Supplies Listserve, managed by Campus Sustainability Initiative

Cable Ground

Hall Information

UWS instructors 19-20

UWS Evaluation Process

UWS Evaluation Process

UWS placement exam grading

Benefits Department

Watch CDC English Tutoring Program

Tom Friedman TV

Web Operations: Communications + LTS

WGS Program Alums

Women's & Gender Studies Core Faculty

Women's and Gender Studies FEC

Annoucements related to renovations of the worships spaces on campus

Women's Studies Scholars Mailing List

WSRC & HBI Staff

For communication Between CA and Residents of Village 1 and 2

Uber Awesome Shapiro 3A floor listserv for 2010-2011

Reitman 2 Resident List


2011 Admissions Senior Interviewers

Incoming 2016 PhD students

Fall 2016 IBS Talk Recipients

Incoming 2017 PhD students

Incoming 2018 PhD students

Incoming 2019 PhD students

25Live and Resource 25

Benefits Department

567 apartments

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