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AAAS Affiliated Faculty

Information from the AAAS

First-Year Academic Advisors for the 09-10 school year.




American history students studying for generals

AIESEC Brandeis Local Committee Mailing List

All MBA Heller

All Heller MBA students except MD.MBA

All Heller part-time MBA students

AMST Announcement

American Studies

American Studies

defenses and hearings announcement

Anthropology Graduate Students

Anthropology majors and minors

Brandeis-Al-Quds Turkey Institute 2008

art historians

Administration Structure Advisory Committee

ENG faculty

Boston Area Consortium on Latin American Studies

Brandeis Anthropology Graduate Students

Bassine Building Announcements

Boston Cultural Arts Club

Biochemistry and Biophysics Graduate Students

Biochemistry Department Faculty

Biochemistry postdocs

Brandeis Education and Action Research Collaborative

Biology Interested

Undergraduate biology majors

Biology staff

OLD LIST for Biochem Grads don't use

Biochemistry Interested Undergrads

Undergraduate biochem majors

Biochem staff

Biology Dept Faculty

Biological Physics majors

Biophysics grads NO LONGER IN USE

MS Biotechnology grad students

Bold Minds Foundation

BOLLI Members List

BOLLI Caring Committee Announcements

This is a listserve for the discussion leaders of the 2009 freshman seminars.

New Student Forum

New Student Book Forum Fall 2011

Boston-Area Philosophy Mailing List

Brandeis Machine Learning group

The Brandeis Semester discussion

ITE Lunch & Learn: Topics related to IT Entrepreneurship and Software Engineering

Business Program

Business students class of 2011

Business students list class of 2012

Business Faculty

Business Majors

Business Majors class of 2011

Business Majors class of 2012

Business Majors class of 2013

Business Majors class of 2014

Business Majors class of 2015

Business Majors class of 2016

Business Majors class of 2017

Business Majors class of 2018

Business Majors class of 2018

Business Majors class of 2018

Business Majors class of 2018

CCS faculty

Discussion related to various aspects of large-scale, collaboratively-sponsored online courses

Center for German and European Studies Newsletter

All Chemistry Lists

Emeritus Chemistry Faculty

Chemistry Faculty

Chem. Grad Students

Chem. Post-Docs

Chem. Dept. Staff

Users of Chemoffice Ultra software at Brandeis

Chinese Language Processing Group

COEX and SIDCO classes of 2014

SIDCO/COEX class of 2015 (includes second year sidco's)

Mailing List for COEX Practicum & Master's Paper Administration

A UDR-run list for people interested in Comparative Literature

Experiential Learning

This listserv is for those interested in community engagement at Brandeis. This is a network, resource, and communication tool.

Concerned People at Brandeis

COSI 11a Fall 2015 TA

News from Environmental Studies

turrigiano lab culture club

Current LATTE Instructors, Spring 2010

Creative Writing News and Events

DeLeT Cohort 12 Students

delet cohort 14 2015-2016

German speakers at Brandeis

Digital Humanities at Brandeis

Digital Humanities Consortia of Massachusetts

Discussion Section for Sociology 1a

Division of Science Technology Group

Users of DNA* Lasergene at Brandeis

Dogic Lab Email List

Dogic Lab Email List Minus Zvonimir for Frivolous Messages

Dogic Lab Email List

D.O. (Osteopathic Medicine)

New Listserve

SIDCO class of 2015

Eastern Regional ATSA

Brandeis Economics Majors


European Cultural Studies (ECS) interest list

Research in Education Technology

announcements for ED and MAT program students, faculty and staff

Elections Commissioners

ELP tutees

Users of the bibliography software EndNote

ENG faculty

English Grad Students

English Dept. Graduate student information list

English Graduate jobseekers 2018-19

English Department Job seekers

English non t-track for meetings

ENG faculty

Environmental Studies UDR Information

Environmental Studies Program Class of 2007

Environmental Studies Program Class of 2009

Environmental Studies Program Class of 2010

Environmental Studies Program Class of 2011

class of 2012



ENVS class of 2015

Environmental Studies

Environmental Studies '18

Environmental Studies '19

Environmental Studies Program Alumni

Environmental Studies Program Community

Environmental Studies Program Extra

Archive of Eta Beta Rho

faculty list for Office of the Arts

occasional meeting for people doing Drosophila research at Brandeis

Gateway Scholars 2016

Greater Boston Anthropology Consortium


Genetic counseling grad students

GIS at Brandeis


Great Powers. Will you have a debate?

Griffith Lab Group

Gateway Scholars 2017

Gateway Scholars 2018

faculty and staff interested in gender working group event announcements

all Heller PhD students

Heller SEP

High Energy Theory and High Energy Experimental Groups

High-Energy Theory Group

Contact list for HPcc administrators

Discussion list for HPcc users

Hornstein students, faculty and staff

Hornstein community, all contacts

Associated staff and faculty

Hornstein first year students

Hornstein second year students

International and Global Studies Majors and Minors

IBS Alumni Careers

IBS Council



IBS Research

discussion group for accepted students

List for incoming IBS students.

Idea Lab

IMES Undergraduate Majors and Minors

IMES Undergraduate Majors and Minors

Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies-Signups

This is a mailing list for people interested in Internet Studies

Interested students for Soc, PAX, SJSP

Immigrant Support Services Practicum

IT Employment Opportunities

Rosbash Lab Members

Brandeis users of Labview software

LALS News and Events

administrative matters

Legal Briefs

Lisman Lab Members

lown building

Life Science Faculty accepting Grad Students

Life Science Faculty accepting Grad Students

Life sciences graduate students

Postdoctoral fellows in the Life Sciences

Life sciences undergraduate students. List includes mailing lists for biochem, biology and neuroscience majors. Should not be used in ADDITION to those lists, but used only to reach ALL undergraduates at once.

MATH faculty

Math grad students

math majors and minors

senior math majors and minors

Math UDR List

Information and discussion for users of Matlab

All students new to MBA Fall 2016 including continuing duals (does not include Tufts MD/MBA)

All students new to MBA Fall 2017 including continuing duals new to MBA (does not include Tufts MD/MBA)

M. Butterfly Production Staff

Mol Cell Biol Grad Program Faculty

MCB grad students

Users of MetaMorph shared network license

Brandeis Molecular Meeting

Every thursday, 5 pm in Abelson 333


Graduate students participating in the Macromolecular Structure and Mechanism Program

Brandeis Music Grad Students

Brandeis Music Dept. Faculty and Staff

Brandeis Science Advisees for Nat Lazar

NBio 148b

NEJS Alums

NEJS Alums

NEJS Alums

NEJS Friends

NEJS Grads

NEJS Grads

NEJS Grads

NEJS Sign Ups

NEJS Undergraduate Majors and Minors

NEJS-IMES Undergraduate Majors and Minors

Nelson/Turrigiano Lab

Neuroscience Faculty

Neuroscience grad students

Undergraduate neuroscience majors

Postdoctoral associates working in the area of Neuroscience

Neuroscience Events/Announcements/Scheduling

High Field NMR Users

PAX - Minors & Faculty


Philosophy Majors

Philosophy Minors

Graduate Students for the Philosophy of the State Class

Physics Faculty

Graduate Students in Physics Department

Physics Club

Undergraduate physics majors

Physics Staff

Information about the politics department

Undergraduate Department Representative Communication for the Politics Department

health professions applicants

Pre-Med Students 2012 matriculation

Pre-Med Students 2013 matriculation

Pre-Meds at Brandeis

Program in Religious Studies Declared Students




AMST Announcement

Mailing list for the Religion Roundtable

Biochemistry/Biophysics Retreat

Roosevelt Fellow listserv for my advisees to make it easier to send emails to the group

List for residents of Rosenthal East for the year 2010-2011.

Religious Pluralism and Spirituality Group

Brandeis events and announcements related to Russia and Eastern Europe

Schiff Fellows

Division of Science Faculty

Job postings aimed at Science grad students

Graduate students in the Division of Science

Undergraduates majoring within the Division of Science

Postdoctoral fellows in the Division of Science

Weekly Seminar Listings

Division of Science Staff

Summer Undergrads in Science at Brandeis 2012

Summer Undergrads in Science at Brandeis 2013

Summer Undergrads in Science at Brandeis 2014

Summer Undergrads in Science at Brandeis 2015

Summer Undergrads in Science at Brandeis 2016

Summer Undergrads in Science at Brandeis 2017

Summer Undergrads in Science at Brandeis 2018

Science seminar announcements

Confocal Imaging Facility Users

Residents of Shapiro 2B

Graduate Students of Sociology & Sociology Faculty

All Sociology Faculty

Sociology Graduate Students only

for msgs to be sent by office to Sociology Graduate Students only

Topics of Social Justice and monthly Social Justice Forum events details

Software Entrepreneurship

South Asian Studies interest list


The Minor in Sexuality and Queer Studies

Student Support Services

Study Group

Syntax Reading Group

Biology - Wangh Laboratory

Waltham Action Research Project 2008-2009

Workshop for Critical Inquiry and Education

Graduate Reading Group on History of Women, Gender, & Sexuality

Women's Studies Events

WGS Interested Faculty

Women's Studies Grads

WGS Program Graduating Seniors

Discussion list for Xsede users at Brandeis University

Latin American Politics I

Politics of Southeast Asia

Politics of Southeast Asia

Latin American Politics II

Politics of Southeast Asia

Latin American Politics II

Politics of Southeast Asia

Latin American Politics I

Politics of Southeast Asia

Latin American Politics I

Southeast Asian Politics

Eighteenth-Century Studies

All MBA Heller

Feb, May and August 2014 graduates

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